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Time For Turkey

Please consider donating to your student's first period class for your annual Time for Turkey drive for Northwood families in need. Final collection day is 11/16/22. Things we need:

__1 gift card to purchase Turkey (approximately $20 - $25) NO TURKEYS PLEASE!! __1 package of turkey dressing mix
__2 to 3 jars/packages of turkey gravy
__1 bag of potatoes (or instant)

__3 to 4 cans of vegetables
__2 packages of Jello
__3 to 4 cans of fruit (fruit cocktail, peaches, pears, etc.) __1 to 2 pumpkin or fruit pies, carefully boxed (not frozen) __1 container of Cool Whip*
__jar of dill pickles
__can of olives
__can of cranberries
__margarine or butter*
__jar of jam
__dinner rolls
__bag of fresh fruit like apples or oranges