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Standardized Testing Info

Spring summative testing season is approaching for Northwood. The intent of this springs' assessments is to measure students' progress toward college and career readiness. All students will take the test for ELA and Math and Science will be done by 8th graders only.

ELA and Math CATs are Computer Adapted Tests and about half the length of the tests prior to COVID. The Science test is the same length it has always been.

  • English CAT: Tuesday, May 10th
  • Math CAT: Wednesday, May 11th
  • ELA Performance Task: Tuesday, May 17th
  • Math Performance Task: Wednesday, May 18th
  • Science for 8th grade only: May 25th

Parents may choose to opt-out their students by contacting the Counseling Center before April 29th. You can email or with any questions.