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Dear Seventh Grade Parents,

The Seventh Grade Choirs utilize a color scheme rather than a specific uniform. The colors are grey, black, and white. Please avoid denim, mini-skirts, and flip flops. The uniform should lean toward conservative. We are not rock stars.....yet. Try to utilize things you already have in your wardrobe. Don't spend a ton of money. Have fun with this and call if you have any questions.

Dear Jazz Choir and Girls Select Parents,
Your child has auditioned for and been selected to participate in one of the most successful middle school vocal music programs in the area. These two choirs are both varsity teams in which every participant is a starter. This requires both personal commitment and team effort. At Northwood we are very proud of our award winning music program. We consider our audition only classes as we would any other "honors track" class in the curriculum.
There are many aspects to be covered in the middle school vocal music curriculum. Your student will learn music theory as it relates to both classical and jazz idioms, music history, proper vocal production technique, jazz improvisation, performance psychology and showmanship, musical theater and many, many songs from all the different historical eras of our history.
A uniform committee has been formed and the selection process will take place soon. Please remind your child that choir uniforms are just that----a uniform. We are not out to make a fashion statement and there are certain guidelines we must follow. Please be supportive to the group of moms who are trying to put this together. It is really hard to find the same piece of clothing for the wide range of sizes in our group. When you add trying to make it all affordable it becomes quite a task.
Uniform target price: $60.00
Students will be graded in three major areas: rehearsal skills, written and performance tests. and attendance at performances. Each is figured equally to evaluate each student's progress. Rehearsal skills are probably the area that causes the most problem for students. It requires an incredible amount of patience and maturity to achieve the musical product we are looking for. On the other hand, most students do very well grade wise in the class. I will contact you if there is a continuing problem.
Call if you have any questions,

Mr. Smith's Teaching Schedule
O Hour-Jazz Band-Mt. Spokane
1st. Period-Prep/Travel
2nd. Period-Jazz Choir
3rd. Period-Beginning Chorus 8th
4th. Period-Seventh Chorus
5th. Period-Prep
6th. Period-Girls Select