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Athletic at Northwood

Registration for the 2020-21 school year is open.  Please check out the "Athletic Online Registration" under the Activities tab on the Northwood homepage.  


Modified Athletic Calendar (All dates are for 2021):

JAN. 4 - JAN. 29:  7th and 8th Volleyball

FEB. 1 - FEB. 26: 7th Boys/Girls Basketball 

MARCH 1 - MARCH 31:  8th Boys/Girls Basketball

April 12 - April 30 - 6th Boys/Girls Basketball

APRIL 12 - MAY 7:  7th/8th Softball, 6th/7th/8th Cross Country

APRIL 12 - MAY 14: 7th/8th Football

MAY 3 - MAY 21 - 6th Volleyball (Girls only)

MAY 17 - JUNE 18: 6th/7th/8th Wrestling, 7th/8th Baseball, and 7th/8th Track

MAY 24 - June 18 - 6th Track
"RULES" for our MODIFIED seasons:
  • All eligibility, registration, & physical requirements remain the same as previous years.
  • Each season will follow the guidelines provided by WIAA regarding the recommended number of practices and contests.
  • Contests will take place between the three Mead School District middle school athletic programs, however, in the event that SPS and Mead athletics are open in conjunction with each other, some games may be scheduled with SPS schools.
  • Varsity and JV squads will have an opportunity to compete.
  • If WIAA has not given the clearance to compete or a season is cancelled, the season WILL NOT be rescheduled for later in the year.  However, if part of a season can be made up during that season’s scheduled calendar dates, as much of the season will be recovered as possible.
Game schedules will be sent out by coaches and will be available soon on the Northwood Athletic Calendar on our website.
Northwood Athletic Director
Patrick Round
District Athletic Philosophy
The philosophy of the Mead School District is founded and based upon the principles identified in the district’s foundational student learning goals. Included in this mission is the belief that human wellness and aesthetic experiences are integral parts of the educational experience. To serve that mission, the primary function of the interscholastic and intramural programs is to provide participatory opportunities for as many students as possible. These programs seek to enhance the psychological, emotional, social, and physical development of each student.
The Mead School District believes that participation in athletic programs can enhance the development of the values of cooperation, honesty, sportsmanship, responsibility, respect, perseverance, and commitment. Students will be encouraged to develop their athletic skills and compete to the best of their abilities. The Mead School District is obligated to provide a supportive environment in which students can pursue athletic experiences that maximize their potential. While individual achievements are valued and encouraged, team achievements are of primary importance. Athletics, in addition, can make significant contributions to the educational experience of all Mead students, faculty, staff, and district patrons through the cultivation and enhancement of community.
*Coaches will attempt to answer all emails in a timely manner.*
*Need immediate assistance? Please call the school during business hours at 465-7500*