Northwood Middle School
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Northwood Middle School Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-7500 | Fax: 509-465-7520 | Attendance Line: 509-465-7580 (24hrs)

Assistant Principal: Jay 7536
Assistant Principal: Teresa Laher 7500

Principal's Administrative Assistant:

Doreena Dobson 7501
Building Administrative Assistant: Hannah Schneider 7512
Counseling Administrative AssistantMegGoudreau meg.goudreau@mead354.org7527
Business Office: Beth Aho 7539

First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-7500

Beth Aho Business Office 7539
Jeff Allen Math Support Teacher
Math Teacher
Community Team 7500
Pam Amell SS Custodian 3 7500
Teresa Arnzen Educational Specialist 7608
Julie Aton Para Educator 7500
Katelyn Baddeley Spanish Teacher 7500
Curtis Barville Social Studies Teacher
Watershed Team
Read Strategies 7550
Dawn Belding-Wilson Occupational Therapist 7500
Marnie Brown Paraeducator 7500
Lori Campbell Cook III 7500
Brian Comstock Band Teacher Elective 7529
Alana Cummings 7th Grade Counselor 7525
Jeremy Dailing MS Custodian 3 7500
Renee Demand Science CTE Teacher
Watershed Team
Flight and Space Elective 7560
Mike Divelbiss Choir/Music Elective Teacher 7547
Doreena Dobson Principal's Administrative Assistant 7501
Dee Draven English Teacher
Endeavor Team 7522
Ediger Social Studies Teacher
Community Team 7555
Jennifer Edstrom Classified RN 7534
Liz Edwards Para Educator 7500
Jill Ellingson Social Studies Teacher
A Team
Reading Strategies 7528
Tina Elliott Educational Specialist 7609
Cindy Ellis Para Educator 7500
Tracy Emch School Nurse 7500
Shellie Fetcho Art Elective Teacher
Yearbook Elective 7561
Athena Fiedler DLC Para Educator 7500
Paula Fletcher Cook III 7500
Teresa Fogarty Educational Specialist/Compass 7691
Lisa Forster Math Teacher
Watershed Team
Orchestra Elective Teacher
Zac Franklin Physical Education 7545
Ashley Fredlund English Teacher
Challenger Team 7566
Dana Fryman Para Educator 7500
Natalie Gallagher English Teacher
A Team
Physical Education Teacher 7554
Dave Gamon Science CTE Teacher
Explorer Team
TOSA 7573
Lyuda Gavrienko SS Custodian 2 7500
June Geissler Resource Math Teacher
Special Education 7558
Shannon Gimpel Cook II 7500
Meg Goudreau Counseling Administrative Assistant 7527
Maud Hancock ELL Teacher 7500
Para Educator 7500
Dara Hantman Band Secretary
DLC Para Educator 7506
Derek Hardin Interpreter (PSE) 7500
Steve HarePhysical Education Teacher
Adaptive PE Teacher 7500
Maya Heissenbuttel CTE Science Teacher
Community Team
Robotics Elective 7563
Troy Hughes Principal
Ryan Iverson Social Studies Teacher
Endeavor Team
Dayna Jones Para Educator 7500
Jim Jones Physical Education Teacher 7549
Sara Kenney Physical Therapist 7600
Resource English Teacher 7577
Anne Kovach English Teacher
Explorer Team 7571
Teresa Laher Assistant Principal
8th grade administrator 7500
Paul Laing DS Custodian 3 7500
Gail Lange Math Teacher
Endeavor Team 7524
Ami Maldonado Para Educator 7500
Martinsen Speech Language Pathologist 7543
Ryan Miciak Social Studies Teacher
Challenger Team
Study Hall Elective 7578
Colleen Mitchell Para Educator 7565
Diane Mitchell Special Education Teacher 7562
Benjamin Mortensen Behavior Support 7500
Bonnie Murphey Math Teacher
Challenger Team 7567
Donn Nelson Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7683
Kaitlin NobbsSocial Studies Teacher
A Team
A.C.E. Study Hall, Study Skills
Janna O'Leary Physical Education Teacher 7546
Brittany Page Science CTE Teacher
Endeavor Team 7574
Katie Patry Physical Therapist 7500
Math Teacher
ASB/Activities Director
Leadership 7556
Terri Peterson Science CTE Teacher
Challenger Team
Science of Technology Elective
Webmaster 7572
Karen Pfaff Math Teacher
Explorer Team 7569
Beth Pipkin English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher 7500
Rubina Quidwai Para Educator 7500
Shari Rahman Para Educator 7500
Cindy Richman Physical Education Teacher 7533
Angela Rieder Para Educator 7500
David Riggs Social Studies Teacher
Explorer Team 7570
Kim Rollins Manager II 7515
Jen Romo Science Teacher
Computer Elective 7500
Patrick Round CTE Teacher
Design Fab Elective
Athletic Director 7559
Kim Sain School Psychologist 7619
Brock Salzman 8th Grade Counselor 7526
Schneider Building Administrative Assistant 7512
Emily Shick Para Educator 7500
Kyle Smith Resource Math Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Life Skills 7548
Susan Smith English Teacher
Community Team 7557
Cindy Snow Para Educator 7500
Kevin Swartz Para Educator 7500
Para Educator
Karen Towner Para Educator 7500
Vice Principal
7th grade administrator 7536
Tony Umbach Math Teacher
A Team 7553
Jan Vigil English Teacher
Watershed Team
French Elective 7552
Resource English Teacher
Adaptive/Special Education
Russell Wiemers Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Josh Wilcox Science CTE Teacher
A Team 7575
Cathy Young Para Educator 7514