Northwood Middle School
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Northwood Middle School

Office Phone: 509-465-7500 | Fax: 509-465-7520 | Attendance Line: 509-465-7580 (24hrs)

Principal: Troy Hughes [email protected] 7500
6th Grade, 7th A-K  Assistant Principal,
and Athletic Director:
Pat Round [email protected] 7500
8th Grade, 7th L-Z Assistant Principal: Teresa Laher [email protected] 7500
Building Administrative Assistant: Brandi Pauling [email protected] 7512
Principal Administrative Assistant: Kathryn Thomas [email protected] 7501
Counseling Administrative Assistant: Kristen Stevens [email protected] 7527
Business Office Administrative Assistant: Beth Aho [email protected] 7539

Staff Welcomes Students to Northwood 2020

First Name

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Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Beth Aho Business/Athletics
[email protected] 7539
Jeff Allen 6th Grade Math Teacher
Team Synergy
[email protected] 7556
Julie Aton DLC/RR Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Curtis Barville 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Team Synergy
[email protected] 7550
Dawn Belding-Wilson OT Paraeducator
[email protected] 7500
Marnie Brown Behavior Intervention Technician [email protected] 7500
Danielle Burris-Geiter 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Team Odyssey
[email protected] 7567
Julia Carrell School Psychologist [email protected] 6518
Lori Campbell Cook III [email protected] 7500
Tallie Carlson 6th Grade Math
Team Elements
[email protected] 7572
Brian Comstock Band Director [email protected] 7529
Alana Cummings 6th & 7th A-K Grade Counselor [email protected] 7525
Renee Demand 7th Grade Science CTE Teacher
Watershed Team
STEM Flight and Space Elective
[email protected] 7560
Michael Devereaux MS Custodian[email protected]      7541
Mike Divelbiss Choir Director
Beginning Orchestra
General Music
[email protected] 7547
Tina Ediger 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Watershed Team
7th Grade Leadership
[email protected] 7555
Liz Edwards Instructional/Supervision
[email protected] 7500
Jill Ellingson 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
A Team
[email protected] 7528
Cindy Ellis Compass Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Tracy Emch School Certified Nurse [email protected] 7500
Athena Fiedler DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7500


7th Grade Math Teacher
Watershed Team
Advanced Orchestra 
[email protected] 7551
Zac Franklin Physical Education/Health Teacher [email protected] 7545
Ashley Fredlund 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Team Elements
[email protected] 7566
Dana Fryman Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Natalie Gallagher 8th Grade English Teacher
A Team
[email protected] 7554
Dave Gamon 7th Grade Science CTE Teacher
Explorer Team
[email protected] 7573
Lyuda Gavrilenko SS Custodian [email protected] 7500
June Geissler Resource Math Teacher
Special Education
[email protected] 7558
Shannon Gimpel Cook II [email protected] 7500

Maud Hancock ELD Teacher [email protected] 7500
Dara Hantman Band Secretary/
DLC Paraeducator
[email protected] 7506
Steve Hare Physical Education/Health Teacher [email protected] 7500
Andrea Hedrick 1:1 Para Educator [email protected] 7500
Maya Heissenbuttel CTE Teacher 
STEM Electives

[email protected] 7563
Amy Hill DLC/RR Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Troy Hughes Principal [email protected] 7500
Kathryn Jordan ELL Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Patty King Resource English Teacher [email protected] 7577


Assistant Principal
6th & 7th L-Z grade
[email protected] 7500
Paul Laing DS Custodian [email protected] 7500
Brett Maloney 6th Grade Science Teacher
Team Elements
[email protected] 7568
Ami Maldonado Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Michael Marcoux SS Custodian [email protected] 7500
Ryan Miciak 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Team Odyssey
[email protected] 7578
Colleen Mitchell DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7565
Diane Mitchell Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7562
Debbie Morrill 6th Grade English Teacher
Team Synergy
[email protected] 7523
Benjamin Mortensen Compass Teacher [email protected] 7500
Shawna Nowels 6th Grade English Teacher
Team Elements
[email protected] 7522
Janna O'Leary Physical Education/Health Teacher [email protected] 7546
Chrissy Osborne PT Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Brittany Page 8th Grade Science CTE Teacher
Team Odyssey
[email protected] 7574
Karen Pfaff 7th Grade Math Teacher
Explorer Team
[email protected]g 7569
Brandi Pauling Building Administrative Assistant
[email protected] 7512
Rubina Quidwai Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Cindy Richman Physical Education/Health Teacher [email protected] 7533
Angela Rieder DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
David Riggs 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Explorer Team
[email protected] 7570
Kim Rollins Manager II [email protected] 7515
Jen Romo 6th Grade Science Teacher
Team Synergy
[email protected] 7557
Pat Round 6th Grade, 7th A-K  Assistant Principal,
and Athletic Director
[email protected] 7500
Brock Salzman 8th & 7th  L-Z Grade Counselor [email protected] 7526
Amber Santilli8th Grade Math
Team Odyssey
[email protected] 7524
Christian Smith CTE Electives
STEM Teacher 7559
Kyle Smith Resource Math Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Life Skills
[email protected] 7548
Tija Smith-Wallis Spanish Teacher [email protected] 7583
Denise Solverson Cook III [email protected] 7500
Kristen Stevens Counseling Administrative
[email protected] 7527
Kevin Swartz 1:1 Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Diana Thomas DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Kat Thomas Principal Administrative Assistant [email protected] 7501
Karen Towner Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7500
Jill Truxal ASB/Activities Director
Math Support
[email protected] 7583
Tony Umbach Physical Education/Health Teacher
Adaptive Physical Education
[email protected] 7549
Jan Vigil 7th Grade English Teacher
Watershed Team
[email protected] 7552


Resource English Teacher
Adaptive/Special Education
[email protected] 7500
Betty Wells 7th Grade English Teacher
Explorer Team
[email protected] 7509
Rebecca Whitaker 8th Grade Math Teacher
A Team
[email protected] 7553
Josh Wilcox 8th Grade Science CTE Teacher
A Team
[email protected] 7575
Cathy Young Paraeducator [email protected] 7514
Tannea Zollinger Art/Yearbook
[email protected] 7561